Welcome to Gurusharan Convent

Gurusharan Convent is an unaided Senior Secondary School established in the year 1998. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. and is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration. The medium of instruction in English. Gurusharan Convent not only caters to the educational needs of children and youth but also engages in social work especially among the downtrodden and the marginalized.

  • Holistic Approach

    “Total Education” which implies a holistic approach to education and which is concerned with the total development of an individual as a person, is the quintessence of Gurusharan Convent education. It aims at the development of the body, mind and spirit to the extent possible.

  • Quality Education

    It imparts an appreciation of the Indian heritage and enables the students to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, irrespective of differences of faith, language, caste and at the same time to remain open to the positive elements of other cultures. It instills in the pupils the values of love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and justice.

  • Focus On Moral Values

    It is concerned with forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. The emphasis is to help students imbibe moral values. It pays attention to the development of the capacity to engage in relationships marked by sincerity, self determination and training to understand the complex political reality and to enter it in a constructive way.

About Gurusharan Convent

Vision & Mission

Education has a very wide connotation. Gurusharan Convent seeks to work for the total development of the young. They are helped to discover their innate God given talents and work towards their optimum potential in order to place them at the service of society. It seeks to enable the young to search for the truth by training them to analyse reality, form critical judgements, search for solutions and work out a synthesis.

It provides a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment for the students, while fostering an atmosphere of co- operation, concern and tolerance within the classroom and the wider community of the school.

It also aims to promote and encourage positive attitudes and good behaviour among the pupils. The school tries to create clear and positive links with parents, where they know they can approach the authorities for a prompt and positive action. At the start of the school year, a calendar with key events highlighted, is issued to each student to enable the smooth functioning of the academic year

Chairpersons's Desk

It gives me immense joy to see that our school’s focus is not merely book learning but grooming the students with social and cultural ethics of human approach. We also trust the talent in our students; we nurture and train them to become confident about life.

Here at Gurusharan Convent, we not only educate the child but we guide them with a blend of knowledge and etiquette so that the future pillars of the society can help the nation to eliminate the factors affecting the nation. In the present era of competition, with hard work and dedication we prepare our kids to give their best and come out with flying colours to attain their goals, because their dream to be an achiever is our motive to strive for. We try to enrich our students with feelings, nobility and generosity so that they will perform the duty of a good human. I thank the Lord Almighty that we are able to carry forward the dream of Late Mr. Harbans Singh Narang and Late Mrs.

Gurusharan Kaur Narang who planted the seed of Gurusharan Convent and Late Mr. Dilvinder Singh Narang who worked tirelessly to make the seed grow well and become a full grown tree. Now we pray that the Almighty may bless us all so that we can transplant this tree and place it in the colourful garden of success for the students and society as well.

Principal's Desk

A vision to see the higher goals! A desire to reach the apex! A strong wish in mind! A dream to accomplish! Strong determination! Intense dedication! Sincere effort! These all are the stepping stones to “success”. Success is all about waking up and making an attempt to move ahead with desire and passion. Students are being motivated to understand that dexterity, perseverance and ambitions are the yardsticks of success. Success at the cost of moral degradation........ Certainly not. Our school is laying a strong foundation by imparting roots of responsibility and wings of independence to students.

Education today not only aims at churning out success stories but also endeavours to make our students sensitive and humane to reach out to others in need of help with a compassionate heart. Students are being groomed to lend their support to social causes, to decide correctly and to live up to their decisions fearlessly. “Try not to become a man of success only, but rather try to become a man of success with values”

As the years pass by, the ‘Education System’ is experiencing tremendous changes in its execution and evaluation but our intrinsic values and principles which lay the foundation to this education system remain unchanged, unaltered and strong.

“May the sapling grow into a sturdy tree and spread its branches”.








Holistic Student Development...


We at Gurusharan Convent provides numerous opportunities to students during their study to develop and nurture talents be it in sport, music, film making, mountaineering etc. We encourage our students to follow their passions and to be bold and confident to go after what they wish to achieve.

Confidence building is just as crucial to overall success as good grades and we hope to inspire all our students to leave as fully developed, well rounded young adults upon their graduation from the school....


The school is reputed for excellence in Debates, Quizzing, Drama, Public Speaking, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, and Art & Craft. Through Spic Macay, the students are regularly exposed to Indian Classical Dance and Music performances which is to make them more aware of their heritage.

The school is reputed for excellence in Debates, Quizzing, Drama, Public Speaking, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, and Art & Craft. Through Spic Macay, the students are regularly exposed to Indian Classical Dance and Music performances which is to make them more aware of their heritage.

Student Feedback

  • Gurinder Singh

    Best Infrastructure

    School having good quality infrastructure.

  • Sneha Sharma

    High quality study materials

    School put all efforts to provide quality education.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Sports Opportunities.

    School having qualified & experienced guides.