Our Chairperson, Principal and the Staff provide strong leadership. Effective leaders are involved in the discovery of new talents and their success.

Frequent Evaluation

Ongoing screening of student performance and development helps us identify the problematic areas and work on it.


We incorporate innovation into goals for the combined growth of the students and the school.

Organised Structure

We promote ‘respect’ as the highest quality in order to frame a secure and organised environment within.

Welcome To Gurusharan Convent

Gurusharan Convent School is an unaided Senior Secondary School established in the year 1998. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. and is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration. The medium of instruction in English. Gurusharan Convent not only caters to the educational needs of children and youth but also engages in social work especially amongst the disadvantaged and deprived.

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Holistic Approach
The School follows a holistic approach to education which includes total development of an individual as a person. A holistic education is concerned with the expansion of every individual’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. This is the quintessence of Gurusharan Convent education. It aims at the development of the body, mind and spirit to the maximum extent possible as it seeks to engage students in collective responsibility.
Quality Education
The School imparts Quality Education and develops an appreciation of the Indian heritage among students. This enables the students to imbibe the culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, irrespective of differences of faith, language, caste and creed. Students are taught to remain open to the positive elements of other cultures. This instills in the pupils the values of love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and justice
Focus On Moral Values
The school focuses on awakening the moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. The emphasis is to help students imbibe moral values. It pays attention to the development of the capacity to engage in relationships marked by sincerity, self determination and training to understand the complex political reality and to enter it in a constructive way.

Our Mission & Vision

Education has a very wide connotation. Gurusharan Convent seeks to work for the total development of the young. They are helped to discover their innate God given talents and work towards their optimum potential in order to place them at the service of society. It seeks to enable the young to search for the truth by training them to analyse reality, form critical judgements, search for solutions and work out a synthesis. We provide a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment for the students, while fostering an atmosphere of co- operation, concern and tolerance within the classroom and the wider community of the school. We also aim to promote and encourage positive attitudes and good behaviour among our pupils. The school tries to create clear and positive links with parents, where they know they can approach the authorities for a prompt and positive action. At the start of the school year, a calendar with key events highlighted, is issued to each student to enable the smooth functioning of the academic year.




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We at Gurusharan Convent provide numerous opportunities to the students to develop and nurture talents be it in sports, music, film making, mountaineering and many others. We encourage our students to follow their passion, be courageous and confident and to go after what they wish to achieve. Our students have been National Champions in Table-Tennis & Badminton. Additionally, we have had consistent winners in the C.B.S.E. cluster, Zonal and National Championships in these sports as well as in various Martial Arts. The Annual Sports Meet is a grand inter house event which provides an opportunity to all the students to showcase their talent, sports abilities, physical fitness while emphasising on the mantras of team spirit, communication, discipline and leadership.


With music, follows dance. Gurusharan Convent has been successful enough to teach the students the relevance of dance. We teach our students that dance is more than learning a series of steps to music. We expound that dance is a way of moving that uses body as an instrument of expression and communication. With dance, the students become capable of learning teamwork, improves focus, and improvisational skills. Our students are taught various forms of dance which include: Classical (Kathak being one of them), semi-classical, folk dance, zumba, aerobics, western dance, contemporary, etc. The school has always motivated its students to participate in Zonals, Semi- Zonals, Interschool and District Level competitions.  

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