Six Winter Activities to Keep Kids Sharp During School Holidays

Since you all know that it is winter time and your children must be chilling as they have eagerly waited for winter school holidays. While they relax mentally and physically it is your responsibility as a parent to keep a track of their development and progress. We at Gurusharan Convent School keep our children motivated to improve them mentally and physically. We prefer to keep our students flexible in every aspect of what they do.

Below are the 6 winter activities to keep kids sharp during school holidays:

  • Intellectual games: Intellectual games or brain games are important for the growth of your child. As we all know the importance of physical activities, similarly we must focus on mental activities as well to keep your brain active and sharp. Mind games like chess, crossword, sudoku, numerical & alphabetical games, a jigsaw and might help you as a parent. One of the most important facts is that such games will bring your child up helping them improve their memory. This will improve their mental ability making it easy for them to learn and adapt to new things.

  • Read for pleasure: Reading supports you mentally, emotionally and psychologically. It helps you gain a wider outlook to every aspect of your surroundings, life and whatnot. As a reader, you explore new ideas which help you increase your knowledge making you smarter. It is not only limited to such benefits, it also helps you discover yourself building you more strong emotionally. Many schools in Delhi has made it a daily routine in their respective timetables where they make their students read a page or two daily. With many other benefits, it increases the concentration levels of your child. This helps them to be more focussed on their studies and tackling every situation during the peak time of exams. 
  • Early to bed, early to rise: We all know the world-famous poem “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We should make our children understand the importance of sleep as lack of sleep or sleep deprivation as we may say can lead to anxiety, the flux in emotions and obesity. This will help your child in improving productivity and concentration. Poor sleep leads to irritable behaviour which will be problematic for your child as they will not be able to focus on their studies. 
  • Profess responsibility: Give your child to perform certain tasks and ask them to be responsible enough to take up the challenge and complete them with all dedication. Making them accountable for their actions will help improve their learning skills and academic performance. Most of the  CBSE primary schools in Paschim Vihar help in the positive overall development of your child as they provide them with various opportunities to be responsible for.

  • Explore your City: Experiencing the heritage of your own city is a must. Your child must know the culture of their own city, for where they live. This will not only help them feel stress-free and less burdened from daily routine but will also make your bond stronger as a family. Spending time with your child is an important aspect as it will make them feel more attached to you emotionally, so they know that they can reach up to you every time for any help or advice.
  • Get outside and play: Not only this, but your child needs to step out of those four walls in order to gain a better experience of the world and its people. It contributes to the cognitive, social and emotional development of your child. As your child meets new people out there, it will help them gain more positive behaviour. Such type of interactions help them gain confidence, increase communication skills and a sense of cooperation amongst their peers.

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