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We at Gurusharan Convent acquire the best teachers for your child. Our teaching methods are practiced through communication, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving methods which will help your child gain knowledge and ability to go in the right way. We make sure that our students develop and utilize their innate skills by effectively expressing their thoughts, assumptions, opinions and perspectives. We provide our students the freedom to articulate their consciousness in order to gain a clear understanding of each and every aspect. Hence, we concentrate on guiding and enlightening your child to a self-reliant and confident approach in every task they perform. Our teachers provide adequate freedom of speech to every student so that they can effectively communicate their ideas with others within classrooms and thereby learning team work. This will help your child gain a wider knowledge apart from general knowledge that mostly school provide. Thinking about our student’s future we provide an analytical environment which helps your child develop their own ideas in a creative way. We help our students to adapt critical thinking in order to imbibe in them the competence to think critically and therefore arriving at a solution as a part of problem solving.

Primary Curriculum

  • Classes I-V
    • As per the CBSE guidelines, there will be a comprehensive and continuous evaluation of the students throughout the year.
    • There will be 3 evaluations in the academic year.
    1. Evaluation I- August
    2. Evaluation II- November
    3. Evaluation III- February- March
    (Weekly tests in all the subjects)
    • Assessments will include skills as reading, comprehension, recitation, projects/activities, mental ability, environmental sensitivity.
    • The academic performance will be shown in the form of grades on a 9 point scale (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D,E1 & E2) for all subjects.
    • Minimum grade required to qualify for promotion to the next class is ‘D’ in each subject in each category.

Secondary School Curriculum

Classes VI-X will be assessed as per the scheme outlined by CBSE. The details are available on the school website: www.gurusharanconvent.com 
  • Parents are strongly advised not to send children to school if they are suffering from a stomach upset, fever or an infectious disease just because the class is having a test/examination. However, a serious view will be taken of those students who regularly absent themselves from unit tests.
  • No unit test or exam will be conducted for absentees.
  • Students found using unfair means during any unit test or Terminal/Final Examination will be marked zero in that subject. They will also not be eligible for any academic award or the student council. Serious action can be taken against a repetitive defaulter.
  • The Pre-board Examination is compulsory for Class X and Class XII and will be conducted on the board pattern. Every student must take these and get a pass percentage in all five subjects, if he/she has to be declared fit for the Board Examination.
  • Attendance: As per the CBSE circular in September 2008, 75% attendance during the academic year is required and no relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who does not fulfill the school as well as the Board requirements.
  • Absence form test is one or more subjects involves the loss of grades in the subjects and debars the student from prizes and other awards.  

Senior School Curriculum

Class XI
  • Month End Unit Tests + 2 Term Exams. The weightage allocated to the Class Tests is 10%.
  • In order to pass, a student must  secure 33% marks in each of the subjects studied by him/her separately in both theory and practical portion.
  • A student failing in more than one subject is not eligible for compartment and will be required to repeat in the same class in the next academic year.
Class XII Month End Unit Tests + 2 Term Exams + Pre-Board Exam.




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