How Education Can Lift People From Poverty

Have you ever thought about the main purpose of education? Education is widely known as a basic requirement for many employers in order to get your foot in the door. Employers prefer a higher level of education for appointing someone responsible for the job. But has someone noticed the main purpose of education despite this? The main aim of education is to gain a learning experience from which people gain knowledge. Education comes in all forms where we can learn essential life skills which can be used at any time, anywhere.

Education can not only help an individual achieve milestones, rather it can build our nation strong in terms of poverty as well. Uneducated people are likely to go in a negative direction such as drugs, thieving and what not. The sole reason for this is that these people are uneducated and to lead a mediocre life they need to find a way out which may or may not be right.

The next question that arises here is that ‘How does education effect poverty?’ Those in poverty are unable to attain formal education and will have a much more difficult time in escaping their poor living and working conditions. These individuals can only benefit from education. The right education can lift and improve their lives financially, physically and mentally.

We, Gurusharan Convent, is an unaided Senior Secondary School established in the year 1998. Gurusharan Convent not only caters to the educational needs of children and youth but also engages in social work especially amongst the disadvantaged and deprived. The School follows a holistic approach to education which includes the total development of an individual as a person.

We always connect poverty with money i.e. not having enough money to fulfil one’s own mode of living. Having a complete education can alleviate some of the problems faced by people suffering from poverty. So the question here is, how does education affect poverty? Education provides an individual with the strength to fight poverty. A complete education can help reduce malnutrition as it provides adequate food security as well.

The power of education is irrefutable. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant ways in which education can help control poverty:

  • Increased Income: Schooling can help lift a lot of people out of poverty. If an individual gets educated, he not only gains more knowledge but also imbibes good skills which lead to increased productivity. 
  • Empowering Women: Educating a woman not only empowers women but also provide fortitude to the family and the Nation. Education does play a vital role in empowering girls and women. Mothers who can take better decisions for their families can extremely impact that push out of poverty.
  • Enables a Healthy Lifestyle: Education enhances better awareness about what kinds of food are nutritious in order to avoid health-related problems. Let’s take an example of educated mothers who are considered as the first doctors of their families and the ones who have remedies to solve any type of problem.

Let’s sum up to one thing that education can help you eradicate poverty and liberate people from all societal bonds. Education is the key for every individual to achieve economic independence. Let us use education as a weapon to fight poverty breaking the shackles of inequality in order to raise awareness for the upliftment of society.