How to Prepare Yourself Mentally For Board Exams

Since board exams are fast approaching, no matter how well prepared you are, you still stress over it and get nervous. Although, exam stress is quite normal if you take it in a positive way. It is seen that under exam stress, students tend to perform poorly as they lack confidence and motivation. So, it is important to stand still in your self-belief because you can do it! Come, let’s assimilate thoughts on how you can prepare yourself mentally for CBSE board exams 2020:


  • Get enough sleep: To every ‘all-nighter’ reading this, it is really important for you to get 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Since most of you think that it is beneficial for you to cram some extra topics by staying awake. Not having enough sleep will not only affect your body but also your mind as lack of sleep leads to anxiety. Releasing the stress and anxiety out with good sleep will help your brain function properly with more concentration levels. If you still wish to study, don’t forget to take power naps in between your study time. These power naps could be for about 15-30 minutes as it will make you feel much active and fresh to carry on with the revision.
  • Eat healthily and be active: It is important for you to take care of yourself while you prepare to conquer exam stress. Healthy food and the minimal workout will help you release anxiety and stress. But, you must keep an eye on your food intake as healthy food will reduce stress while overeating unhealthy junk food may lead to obesity. With food, you must follow a minimal physical workout schedule in order to release all the toxins from your body. This will make you feel much more unburdened from daily stress.
  • Time management: Managing your time efficiently will help you sustain your board exams in a much easier way. Set a deadline for your own self in order to complete your syllabus. Focus on the important chapters or topics and try to finish it within the time limit that you have set for your own self. Remember that every minute of the day is important for you, so try not to exhaust your time by indulging in things that are of less importance. With appropriate concentration, you’ll easily tackle the situation you have been worrying about.
  • Don’t aim for high grades: exquisitely fine but stressing about completing them may lead to anxiety and nervousness. Since, you are already burdened with a whole lot of syllabus to complete, aiming for high grades may make you feel low as it will trigger you with the amount of syllabus you need to complete. This can make you lugubrious. Hence, you must focus on studying rather than on grades. Once you are done with your aimed syllabus you will get to know how well you will perform in the upcoming exams. Just go with the flow and see perceptible results that you have been eagerly waiting for.   
  • Short notes: Prepare short notes which must include important topics. You can mark these topics under various bullet points covering the basics of it. This will help you gain confidence as you go through them for last-minute revision. These notes must consist of the analysis of important topics so that you get it a clear image in your mind just before you go to attempt any exam. Don’t try to cover the whole syllabus as it will make you more stressed psychologically.