How to Stop Being Distracted by Your Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones have become a valuable asset for each one of us. If we talk about benefits, mobile phones have many. Talking about the uses, it helps you remain connected with your loved ones and also keeps you updated on the things happening around you. Seeing the positive effects, the negative ones are often ignored. Using mobile phones is not wrong, but being addicted to it can lead to various health problems.  Excessive use of mobile phones can affect children as well as adults. It degrades your child’s development and family relations as well. Gurusharan Convent School focuses on the overall well being of its students be it mental or physical.

In this blog, we will help you find the best ways to stop being distracted by your mobile phone. Let’s look at the major pointers which will help you manage the usage of your phones.


  • Usage of the internet: The Internet keeps you updated. But using it excessively can distract you in one way or another. You might use it to study online but eventually, you end up on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and whatnot. Since these apps are just a click away; you get tempted by any notification that pops up. Hence, before you start studying make sure that you turn off your internet and put the phone aside. Begin your studying with a goal to complete a certain topic within a particular time limit. Focus on what is more important rather than surfing on social media.
  • Kick your mobile phones out of bed: Don’t make your mobile phones a necessity. By necessity, we mean, don’t make it the last thing in the night or the first thing in the morning for you to see. This will demote your health both mentally and physically. Feeding yourself with negative thoughts in the night or early morning will leave you demotivated and incapable of your daily schedule. Use your mobile phones effectively but not unnecessarily.
  • Maintain a schedule: Keep yourself busy with a regular schedule. Scheduling up things and concentrating on them will keep you more attentive and focused. This will improve your abilities and make you capable of achieving your goals. Maintaining a schedule will ultimately lessen the use of your mobile phones. You can also organize a weekly planner and keep a check on your to-do list. Mark important dates in the calendar and begin with your schedule. Convent school in Paschim Vihar helps the students maintain a regular schedule which keeps them motivated in order to attain their goals.
  • Silent mode: Place your phone on silent mode and study efficiently. This will keep you undisturbed while you accomplish your goals. You can always take a mini-break and look for important messages in between. These mini-breaks can also be converted into mini power naps which will keep you energized and fresh throughout your studies. Ignoring messages and calls can be difficult but keeping it on the silent mode will keep you unaware of the things happening around you.
  • Physical games v/s digital games: We all love online and digital games. These games can be played only by downloading them on your mobile phones. You may see this as stress-relieving but it indirectly makes your brain more occupied. Instead of online games, one should opt for physical games or activities. This can be a walk to your nearby park or just regular exercise which will release muscle tensions. Playschool in Paschim Vihar makes its students understand the importance of physical activities. Opting for physical activities can release stress and make you fresh for your next study session.