Importance of Extra Co-Curricular Activities in School

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin For the all-round development of the child, there must be emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development. This can only be possible through co-curricular activities. These activities facilitate the development of your child’s overall personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development and moral development. This will engage them with other students which will further develop their communication skills making them confident and enthusiastic in a wider group. Gurusharan Convent recognizes the importance of extra co-curricular activities in the school. We comprehend in enhancing your child’s learning process while helping them study at school. We contemplate that the increasing competition in the world must make your child sanguine and assured about his/her personality. We believe that the following activities at Gurusharan Convent will help your child enhance their confidence and self-esteem:  

Assembly Prayer: Less is known about this but assembly prayer is an important part of co-curricular education. It teaches students discipline, moral values and duties towards society.

Social and cultural events: Gurusharan Convent respects and appreciates every caste, culture and creed. We are highly concerned for our students to understand these values to the core. Social and Cultural events influence one’s views and values. We maintain a fine curriculum and let out students appreciate different cultures, motivating them to build relationships socially which will help them to have some perspective and understanding of other cultures.

Drawing competitions: Drawing is often regarded as a hobby and passion. But it can have a major impact on your child’s life. We engage our students in several such competitions as this is one great way for them to show how they feel. It also helps them express their feelings.

Quiz competitions: This competition surely has academic benefits which help a student expand their knowledge and developing new skills. We take such competitions as developing your child’s ability in teamwork. Within teams, students develop responsibility and hone their teamwork skills.  

Sports activities: Sports help children change their mind from the daily, monotonous routine. It should be taken as a useful means of entertainment and physical activity which will help them enhance their mental and physical growth. It will provide the with energy and strength.  

Literary activities: Having good communication skills are important in this competitive world. We believe that this type of activities help generates better interpersonal and communication skills. Moreover, it gives them a chance to develop problem-solving skills in any situation. This fosters better literacy leading to better community life.

Gurusharan Convent marks these activities as really important as they are the true and practical experiences received by students. These activities have the potential of developing your child’s intellect which can only be possible with such extra co-curricular activities. It helps your child in developing coordination, communication and mode of expression. Hence, gone are the days when you; as a parent only looked forward to studies as a medium of your child’s future. Encourage your child to engage in such extra co-curricular activities to develop and enhance their auxiliary skills.