School Facility

Gurusharan Convent provides a caring, friendly and well- structured educational environment for your child. We value students who are intellectually creative. We mentor them towards attaining academic excellence. The emphasis is on the holistic development of the child. Co-curricular activities, and responsibility towards the environment are integrated into the learning process.

  • School Campus: Gurusharan Convent strive to create a pollution free and eco friendly environment. The classrooms are spacious, designed while keeping every facet of a student’s life. 


  • Smart Classrooms: The classrooms in Gurusharan Convent are smart classrooms that keep up with technological advances in the field of education. 


  • Library: Gurusharan Convent has a well equipped library designed to meet every specific need of our students. They are stocked with a vast collection of books to suit most varied interests of our students.


  • Science, Maths, Geography & Computer Lab: Gurusharan Convent provides separate science labs for Junior, Middle and Senior School with latest apparatus and equipment.


  • Conference Room & Audio: Gurusharan Convent accommodate Auditoriums and Conference Rooms for a wider scope for more interactive learning.


  • Music Room: Gurusharan Convent considers Music as an extremely important subject for all of its students. Learning music can lead to better brain development and even stress relief.


  • Art Room: Gurusharan Convent believes that Art should be open to every students. This will help them to gain a deep knowledge of their learning and learn about themselves as dedicated artists


  • Table Tennis Room: Sports help children boost their self confidence in terms of physical strength and wellness. We provide Table Tennis Room under Indoor Sports Activity where in students learn Table Tennis which helps them to maintain a much wider knowledge about different types of sports.  


  • GAIT Activity Room/ Leapstart Activities: GAIT stands for Grooming Artistic Innovation & Talent (GAIT). We provide GAIT activity room through which it enables children to discover their creative potential.


  • Swimming Pool: Health being our school’s foremost concern, we provide Swimming Pool to our students. Swimming is provides an all-over body workout which will help your child to maintain a healthy body weight and muscle strength.


  • Canteen: Taking care of your child’s health and food habits is our duty in the school premises. We provide a fully hygienic and wholesome canteen to maintain good food habits of our students.  


  • Book Shop: Regular routine doesn’t allow you and your child to go to market to fetch the stationery they need in school. We have a well- maintained Book Shop to meet the daily and annual needs of your child.


  • Uniform Shop: Coming to school in a perpetuate uniform is our major concern. We have a fully equipped uniform shop that will help you and your child maintain our school uniform decorum.    


  • Mid Day Meal Facility: To improve the nutritional status of our students, we have a Mid Day Meal Facility for classes from Nursery to II. We have introduced this programme to enhance your child’s nutritional profile as a positive impact on their health as well as learning.


  • Health Check Up as per the directives of DOE: A dedicated team of doctors from Fortis visits our school to do general health checkups, dental checkups and eye checkups in combination with height and weight measurements of our students.


  • Infirmary: The health and well being of the young learners is of utmost importance with an infirmary within the school premises. We are able to provide quick medical assistance in time. In the event of any injury or illness students receive immediate medical attention.


  • CCTV Surveillance: CCTV cameras have been installed in every room and all vital locations in the School premises to support the mechanisms of surveillance ensuring the safety and security of one and all.


  • Intercom and Announcement Systems: We have intercoms installed at all major points which helps maintain connectivity, efficiency and smooth functioning of the school. All important messages are conveyed to the students and teachers through the mikes and speakers that are installed in each and every classroom.


  • Hello Parent App: We have Hello Parent App which helps the parents to connect with the teachers and school authorities. It acts as a digital diary with rich communication features and facilities to share messages, files, images and ideas.