Tips to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Before getting deep into how to protect yourself from COVID-19, we must know what exactly this virus is. Coronavirus, popularly known as COVID-19 is an infectious disease in which an infected person experiences respiratory illness and symptoms like fever, cold, cough, frequent sneezes, and body chills. Since we all know that this disease doesn’t come with any vaccination as of now so we must know some of the ways in which we can self-protect ourselves from catching this disease. People with underlying medical issues such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other major diseases are more prone to this virus.


Let’s look below at some tips to protect yourself from the coronavirus, i.e. COVID-19:   

  • Stay hygienic: Protection starts from one’s own self. You need to maintain proper self-hygiene. You also need to make your near and dear ones aware of the basic hygiene that must be followed. First and foremost, washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds so that all the germs have vanished. It must be followed by a sanitiser. Even when you sneeze, cover your nose with your hand and sanitize immediately to avoid any infection. If possible, cover coughs and sneezes with tissue paper and throw it right away followed by hand wash or sanitiser. Most people avoid taking a shower whenever they come back home from outside, hence, as soon as you reach home, take a shower followed by fresh clothes. You must be re-using a pair of jeans without washing them because they must not be dirty as you wore them only once. But that pair of jeans is carrying germs which can make you and your home impure. So wear clothes only once and wash them daily whether they are dirty or not. 
  • Wear a mask: It is important for you to know that these viruses can reach your body when you inhale as they are present in the air. Avoid going outside and if in an emergency you need to step out, wear a mask. This will not only protect you but also other people around you from the spread of any germs or bacteria. There is a way of wearing a mask properly, i.e. that it must cover your nose and mouth properly otherwise the use of the mask will remain futile. Wear full-sleeved clothes so that any bacteria don’t contact your skin directly. Ask your friends and family to wear a mask if they have to go outside due to any urgent work. Avoid touching any surfaces while you got out, especially metal surfaces as it can infect you with the virus. Take special care of infants, children and elderly people as they are less on immunity and can be infected easily. Frequent intake of Vitamin C via citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, etc can help in boosting immunity.  
  • Social distancing: We all have heard the most famous quote by Desiderius Erasmus i.e.Prevention is better than cure.” This quote states that it is better to avoid or prevent something bad rather than curing it once it’s been done. Social distancing is one of the most appropriate protection tips that must be followed by everyone. Since COVID-19 is a virus without any vaccination hence it cannot be cured once it becomes a community disease. So, we must avoid social and mass gatherings. This virus, according to WHO is carried from one human body to another. Since we, as humans, have become the carrier of this virus, we must stay at home clean and safe. Stay home and connect over video calls or audio calls with your near and dear ones. This will avoid major risks for ourselves and for others as well. We must stand united to save our nation.     
  • When you should visit a doctor?: People usually ignore minor symptoms such as fever, cough, body pain, frequent sneezes, body chills, etc as a normal disease that can be followed due to seasonal changes. But, Coronavirus too follows these similar symptoms which can be spread and put you at a higher risk if not treated in time. If these symptoms are mild and don’t need urgent assistance, then try to video call your doctor for remedies while you isolate yourself from your family members in that time period. You can also call the helpline numbers for any major symptoms (Visit: https://www.mygov.in/covid-19). Further, it is important for you to understand that you are self-responsible to follow quarantine during such an outbreak in order to protect yourself and others as well. You must not be afraid of these symptoms thinking that you might have become prone to COVID-19 as 80-90% of such cases are of normal influenza (flu) which must be treated in time so that it doesn’t turn into a Coronavirus.
  • Avoid myths and rumours: Social media is a very deceptive thing. We must follow and look after the latest information and advice provided by WHO, any national or public healthcare authority, new channels, and newspapers. Avoid spreading rumours about COVID-19 which must be forwarded to you through your WhatsApp groups or any other social media channels. The most rumoured news is that dogs can also transmit Coronavirus. But, this has been proved fake as per the sources. Since this is a situation of crisis, help the needy by providing basic essentials. Feed stray dogs with milk and bread or whatever you have so that they don’t stay hungry. Stay well informed using this national healthcare guideline as the information provided by them must be valid and appropriate. Alternatively, please visit https://bit.ly/39jgNWB for regular updates and protective measures needed during the coronavirus outbreak. They have the most up to date information about COVID-19 and where it is spreading and what measures are to be followed in order to prevent it. 

In this time of crisis, we all must stand to unite and face the situation as responsible citizens. Follow the guidelines and precautions that are being given to you through new channels, newspapers, and other legal healthcare organizations such as WHO. Stay at home and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to stay hygienic and protected. Let’s have each other’s back and fight together fiercely against it.