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Help your Child to Deal with School Bullying

Bullying in school can live in many forms: It can be physical (pushing, punching, or hitting); verbal (name-calling or threats); or psychological and emotional (spreading rumors or excluding someone from a conversation or activity). And with the pervasive use of social media, inappropriate behavior’s between kids can happen outside of school hours via emails, text messages, and Facebook posts. These exchanges are the bullying type, known as cyberbullying, which can be particularly hurtful and aggressive, and their harmful effects are often brought back into school the next day. Here are some effective solutions for school bullying listed below.

Keep an open conversation with your ward- Check in with your kids every day about how things are going at school. Use a calm, friendly tone and create a nurturing climate so he isn’t afraid to tell you if something’s wrong. Emphasize that his safety and well-being are important and that he should always talk to an adult about any problems.

Understand the mental psyche of the child- The better your child feels about himself, the less likely the bullying will affect his self-esteem. Encourage hobbies, extracurricular activities, and social situations that bring out the best in your child. Tell your child the unique qualities you love about him and reinforce positive behavior’s that you’d like to see more. Let him spread his wings and fly.

Keep a check on his company- Friends are the true support of a person, and your company plays a major role in building your personality. There is a strong influence of the company on your child so you must be very vigilant about the company your child is surrounded by so that you can understand him in a better way.

Observe his behavior’s- If your child is quiet and is not much interested in activities he used to love in the past, this might be a symptom of being bullied. Being bullied can leave a significant impact on the brain of the child which may restrict him from being himself which is not healthy. Give an eye to his behavior’s and comebacks after asking a question.