How Project-based Learning Helps Kids Solve Real-world Problems

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How Project-based Learning Helps Kids Solve Real-world Problems

What is Project-Based learning?

As the name suggests, this method involves students making a ‘project’ to depict,
present or analyse what they learn in class. The project may be short-term or a long –term project. It may involve a
group or maybe an individual. They may be graded or not graded. There are
many types of projects- It could be an essay, a collection of things, a critical analysis or a presentation. Even
Field trips and Lab Experiments are Projects. The project scope is vast. It depends upon the ingenuity of the
teacher or the student. Projects not only teach children to complete the tasks and meet the deadline, but they build
a sense of responsibility and oneness in children if done in groups. One project is enough for your child to have
many values and realities.

What are the benefits of Project-Based learning?

Today, neither the students nor the parents enjoy note learning. The focus of education
has shifted from mugging up to the application.

  1. Students ought to enhance their Life Skills such as expressing their views in front of an
    audience, making a presentation and critical analysis. This method ensures the sharpening of these skills.
    Children gain confidence and it boosts their morale.
  2. It helps in Cognitive development or improves their Thinking capacity. Students learn to analyse,
    compare and debate on various topics. They learn to understand the pros and cons. They learn
  3. This method makes children more Creative. Students can choose many ways to depict their
    understanding of a subject in class- they may write a song, enact a play, make charts, write essays, make
    Advertisements or create simulations. The sky is the limit and the teacher must be open to all
  4. It makes learning Enjoyable.Students get a break from the one-way communication of the teacher in class.
    They can voice themselves and express themselves through projects.
  5. It encourages Self-Learning. Children do their research and try to get more information on
    the topics for the purpose of the project.

Project-Based Learning is not only a class activity but also impacts several areas of a
child’s personality even outside the class. It improves their skills and makes them more confident. Therefore, all
stakeholders, teachers, students, and parents must view this learning method as beneficial and make the most of