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Overcome the exam fear, calm down, and do your best

This is very common to become nervous before and during an important examination. If you regularly become nervous, you may have examinophobia which is an exam fever. It affects one emotionally, psychologically, and socially. The greatest scientist Albert Einstein also suffered from exam fever during an entrance exam.

According to a recent survey, around 70% admitted that their parents pressurize them to score better. The non-graduated parents apply more pressure than graduate and post-graduate parents. Too much pressure can never be better for students instead of it, parents should motivate them as better as they can.

Why exam fear?

Most of the students suffer from it because –

  1. They feel that they don’t have a better exam strategy.
  2. They believe that if they don’t pass the exam, society will lose respect for them.
  3. They set irritational goals like- ‘If I don’t score more than 90% then I am worthless’.

Other factors-

Environmental factors-

-Parents impose their expectations on their children.

-Parents compare their children to others.

-Parents compete for a higher social status through their children’s exam scores.

-Some of the teachers also pressure students to score better.

-If some students don’t score higher, the teacher insults them instead of motivating them.

Ineffective studying style-

-No strategy to cover the syllabus.

-Studying all night before the exam, no regular sleep.

-Reading without understanding the topic.

-Studying without making revision notes.

-Not revising what has been learned.

How to deal with exam stress

Here are several methods that will help you to reduce your exam stress. Which will not only help you to score better but also improve your mental and physical health.

Develop regular study habits- “A determined tortoise is better than a rabbit.” It doesn’t matter how slow you go, so long as you don’t stop. Don’t miss your classes, always be on time, and make notes properly. Start studying with a proper amount of time. Give yourself adequate time to know that you have prepared well, it will boost your confidence.

Better sleep- Studying for long hours without any break and cutting the sleeping time will lose your memory and physical health too. To perform better you need to sleep better, generally, 7-8 hours of sleep are mandatory.

Daily exercise- It is very important to maintain mental and physical health to ace any exam. To do so exercise regularly, do yoga, do deep breathing, and do more exercises as per your efficiency. You can see the results from the first day, it will relieve your tension and unnecessary stress.

Avoid unhealthy food- Be aware of your diet, an unhealthy diet lacking in essential nutrients may affect your preparations. Avoid junk foods, they may make you sleepy or over-stressed during your important hours.