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  • Ensure that your ward brings the almanac daily to school. It can be used to convey any information.
  • Fill in your wards personal data correctly, promptly and completely in duplicate. You must also enter your specimen signatures on the undertaking by the parent’s page.
  • Follow the School’s Website and School App on the mobile phone for important circulars, notices, date sheets, assignments, syllabus, activities and other updates.
  • Maintain a record of worksheets and circulars in a file.
  • (a) You should not force the teacher of the school to take tuition of your ward.
    (b) Remember no school teacher is allowed to take private tuition.
  • Ensure that your ward does not bring any valuables to school. School will not be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • Co-operate with the school by paying attention to your ward’s punctuality, regularity, and discipline.
  • Refrain from entering the classrooms, either to see your ward or to meet teachers during school hours.
  • Send your ward to school in time. No child will be allowed to enter the school premises if he/she reaches after the stipulated time i.e. 7.50 a.m. Late comers will be sent home.
  • Send your ward in proper uniform and pay due attention to personal cleanliness. Students must wear House Uniform on every Wednesday and Friday.
  • Check the bags regularly to see if any notice, circular, invitation etc. has been issued.
  • Give information promptly in case of any change of address or telephone number.
  • As far as possible avoid taking your ward home during school hours. As it retards the child’s progress and is detrimental to his/ her interest in regular work and studies.
  • Avoid sending your ward to school on test/ assignment days, if she/he is ill, especially if his/ her illness is contagious like flu, conjunctivitis. Prompt submission of a leave application/ a medical certificate is mandatory in case of absence from school.
  • Avoid criticism of a teacher/staff member in the presence of your ward.
  • Encourage your ward to develop a habit of self help for work and study, encourage your ward to converse / interact in English at home as well.
  • Srictly adhere to the days and timings fixed for meeting various school authorities.
  • Attend all Parent Teacher Meetings.
  • Ensure regular attendance of your ward so that no important links in the learning process are missed out.
  • Send details, in case of any illness of your ward.